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Service Manager

Very close.

ACP Service Manager ships with the ACP Web Services. It's what makes the ACP Web Services configurable. The ACP Web Services are free, and so is the ACP Service Manager.

With the ACP Web Services you can highlight text anywhere and fly instantly to a web search with no further intervening steps. You don't need to fire up Sherlock or Watson, you don't need to install any further software ever. Just kick back and get your search results in your browser the way the web search engines intended.

And because there are no further intervening steps - no 'HTML scraping' - your results are ready for you in the time it takes your web search engine to transfer the HTML back to your browser and no more. There is no background processing as in Sherlock and Watson, HTML doesn't have to be broken down and reassembled - it's already there. Voilà.

And because there are no further intervening steps - no 'NSBundle plugins' or 'channel data' - you don't have to wait for Apple and Karelia to make new searches available: you use the ACP Service Manager yourself and you're using your new search engines instantly.

Watson ships with 'over 20' plugins; Sherlock has maybe half as many; but the ACP Web Services ship with nearly 2,000 (two thousand) ready to go services - and you can add to this list at any time.

The ACP Service Manager lets you edit the menu item text, add, modify, and remove menu items at any time, and with a simple menu click your Services menu is updated and ready to rock.

You add what you want at any time: the documentation shows you how easily this is done: it's easier than getting a Sherlock or Watson download - and a lot faster too. And as users send in new URLs, they're added to the 'grab bag' and sent out to newsletter subscribers on the spot.

There are times when the crunching and complexity of Sherlock and Watson will be to your advantage, but the basic thing is these 'Services' possibilities have been there all along, and no one - not NeXT, not Karelia, not Apple - ever saw it. Until now.

[Be sure to check out the ACP Service Manager Pro which lets you not only add and edit web services of your own but also set keyboard shortcuts and edit all the other services as well.]

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