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ACP Service
Manager Pro

101% control.

ACP Service Manager Pro takes a step up from the ACP Service Manager and offers full control not only over your own services but over everyone else's as well. And at a level far deeper than your System Preferences.

ACP Service Manager Pro is the only fully featured, dedicated Services menu editor available anywhere. And it's been available since long before 3 March 2003 (see below). ACP Service Manager Pro gets at everything.

You would think that someone would be clever enough to write an app or haxie that would allow us to manage that menu in a way that it can dis/activate, reassign key equivalents or even activate different services according to which application is in the foreground or user is logged in.

For example, if I have my 'open URL in Safari' set as command Option L in most apps, I may want to have it set as Command Option Control L in a specific app if it conflicts with another key command. I know this is somewhat against consistency of the user interface but it would be something consciously managed by the user in question.

What kind of talent would it take to create such an app?
 - Mac OS X Hints 3 March 2003 12:06 PM

Now you can edit away the cosmetic idiosyncrasies in your Services menu. You can permanently remove items you have no use for. You can change or remove keyboard shortcuts. And it's language independent too.

ACP Service Manager Pro lets you at everything in the configuration of your services. All fields are editable. Your System Preferences pane has nothing like this.

Create backups of your current services, restore or remove them.

ACP Service Manager Pro comes with a 'grab bag' of a dozen text services and several thousand web services that you can add to your services menu at any time.

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