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ACP Web Services

The future's here.
 — MacUpdate
'The best got even better!'
 — MacUpdate

Everyone knows what services are. They're what you find on your application menu under 'Services'. They're 'services' - a Cocoa clipboard fantasy come true.

[ACP Service Manager Pro takes things to an even higher level. Click here.]

You highlight some text and Safari launches, opens a new window, and surfs to your URL. Apple Mail puts your text in the body of a message, or in the 'To:' field. Victoria reads your sonnet back to you. Whatever.

Go to the Services menu, choose something, up pops an app to do something for you.

In his Missing Manual for OS X David Pogue writes about how one can get a glimpse of the future of this uncharted technology.

InstantLinks, a piece of $5 shareware from Subsume Technologies, offers a useful look ahead to the future of services. It adds to your Services menu commands that send your highlighted text to various services on the web.

For example, you can choose Dictionary Lookup (looks up the selected text in an online dictionary), Map Location (looks up the selected address at MapQuest.com) - great when somebody emails you an invitation), Open URL, Search Web, and Thesaurus Lookup.

That's $5 for five services. $1 each. The starting lineup for the ACP Web Services is now over 1,000 (one thousand) services and they're all free. Your choice.

You get ARIN Whois IP lookup, ping, traceroute, six (6) Google searches (including groups, news and images, yes), the Internet Movie Database, NetLingo, Dictionary and Thesaurus lookups, three ways of emailing a message, a simple 'surf to' service, and a visit with Wikipedia.

You get Amazon, Amazon UK, PriceGrabber, eBay, Epicurious Bon Appetit, Bartlett's Quotations, the British National Corpus, OneLook, six Dialectizer translators, six (6) Vivísimo searches, Teoma, five (5) Yahoo searches, and six (6) Dogpile searches.

And you get nearly one thousand four hundred (1400) more - and that's just for starters. For the ACP Web Services are extendable: you make your own services to add to your collection.

The cloud is rich and ripe with search engines waiting to be plucked - by you.

There's no code injection, admin passwords, startup items, input managers. There's only safe, clean, sexy, and legal.

The future's here.

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