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Clean and seal.

CandS ('Clean and Seal') is a contingency utility: it removes Apple's array of metadata extended attributes (XAs) that cling to everything you download (or otherwise come into contact with - today it's enough to merely open a file).

You can either drop files on its window or drop a hive root directory and click 'Recurse' and then click 'Clean and Seal'.

When dropping a single file, you have to explicitly click 'Clean and Seal'.

CandS displays the files/XAs removed. The readout can be fast.

After cleaning away the XAs, CandS seals each file by masking permissions to remove write bits. This still works, as Apple will still let you modify files by (ahem) 'unlocking' them.

CandS can also seal directories, but the option should be used cautiously, if at all.

That's it.

This is What You're Looking At

This is what you're looking at.

Six tags coming from several background processes that have your computer running at a mere fraction of its potential speed, all to slap on empty datasets?

CandS is meant to be readily available when you need it - it 'floats' on screen in the lower right-hand corner. You'll need it lots.

Until someone at Apple on a par with Avie takes control, it's solutions like this people will need to use. Unless of course they're Kawasaki clones.


As of 17 November 2019, CandS incorporates Rixstep's Seahaven technology.

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