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Begone, Finder.

Finder (and HFS and Apple) do really great things like putting the coordinates of icons in the volume control block. This is really essential information.

Also essential are the thousand and one bit flags that lost pertinence about fifteen million years ago but still persist because Carbon programmers can't go back to school.

As a result your HFS file system can royally screw up your navigation - files you assumed were associated with the programs you use end up opening other programs you thought you'd long since got rid of and so forth.

Apple say officially that file extensions overrule all other types of association but they lie. Files infected with this nasty stuff will continue to invoke the wrong program, no matter how hard you try to correct it, and the worst offenders are actually Apple's own bundled with OS X.

Clearff is one of three ways available to ACP users to clean stuff out of a volume control block that shouldn't be in there in the first place.

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