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Not just easy.
Too easy.

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Finally a way to organise and enjoy your multimedia collection. You store links to your media files - not the files themselves. You can preview them directly in Clipotheque or view them in your default web browser.

And it's incredibly easy to use. Just drag, drop - and you're ready to go. Save clips from all the media sites: the news sites, Brightcove, College Humor, Kontraband - them all. And of course YouTube. It can't be easier and it brings your Web 2.0 back to your desktop for management easier than you'd have ever thought possible.

Bring it all back home. Bring it back in-house. There's a downside to server side and it's management. For all YouTube is - and it's a lot - your ability to manage your own personal collection of clips is a bit unwieldy. The same holds for other sources - CollegeHumor, Brightcove, et al. You want to keep your clips where they are - but you want to keep control where it belongs and where it works best. And the same holds for image sites like Flickr, Google Video, and all the rest.

And you just might need a place to store all your bookmarks. Not just bookmarks from the web - bookmarks from your HDD too. Thousands of bookmarks on your browser menu? It doesn't work. But here it works.

It's not just easy - it's too easy. Just drag or copy your information in place with a few mouse clicks and you're ready to run.

One size fits all. You can resize a window to any size you want - from the tiny windows shown above to full screen. This holds for video clips, image files, HTML pages - anything.

All 2435 at once. You can also stress test your browser by opening all your clips, images, HTML pages, whatever in tabs in the same window all at once. It's fast - and it's cool.

Clipothèque now supports Spotify.

Share it. Select any number of clips all at once and send them to your friends - in Clipothèque format.

You will enjoy.

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