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Control your pod.

FileInfo edits the 'FileInfo' data stored in HFS catalog file records.

It is this data which can wreak havoc on file management from time to time.

HFS catalog file records contain a number of archaic fields ignored by Unix but still recognised by both Finder and the 'Open' and 'Save As' dialogs.

Some programs - even Apple's own - impregnate your catalog file with this data on file saves. Then try what you will but your default editor won't be your default anymore.

The flags stored here govern how Finder and your file dialogs will react when they come to a directory.

If an item has the 'kIsInvisible' flag, it won't be shown.

You won't even know it's there.


Perhaps the most talked about case is 'iPod_Control', your iPod directory with all your songs.

It's marked with this flag, meaning it won't show up anywhere, meaning you won't see it, meaning you most likely won't be able to restore your songs to your hard drive.

Even other (famous) files and directories are kept hidden from you.

  • /.Trashes
  • /bin
  • /cores
  • /Desktop DB
  • /Desktop DF
  • /private
  • /sbin
  • /usr
  • /Volumes

To name a few. [Files are also hidden by the '.hidden' file which FileInfo also alerts you to. See below.]

There are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10,000 (ten thousand) very useful files on your default hard drive you wouldn't even know were there - CLIX uses them but you won't see them.


Apple can also hide standard Unix files and directories with a special file called '.hidden'. FileInfo will alert you if this is being used to hide something. The file's plain text and therefore eminently easy to edit.

Turn the Tables

But now it's also possible to turn the tables on the not so curious: put a few flags on those precious system resources and the ignorant shall remain blissful. And ignorant.

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