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Just forkin' around.

Forker manipulates HFS files with resource forks. You can unfork files with resource forks or combine data forks into data and resource forks in a target (aggregate) file or whatever you want.

The program is quite handy in equipping you with sufficient shoe protection so you don't shoot yourself in the foot.

HFS+ admits of at least two easily accessible 'forks' on any file called the data fork and the resource fork. Whilst the data fork is eminently accessible by applications, the resource fork is usually a bit harder to get at.

Forker plucks apart multi-forked files so you can more easily inspect their contents and even assembles data forks into data fork / resource fork combinations. You can extract any information you want from any file and with additional standard tools edit any and all forks found in any file.

It's quite simple to use the program: assemble three names for either a fork or an unfork operation and hit the appropriate button. The colour coding is the same as used in the Xfile System and the ACP Framework.

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