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Be happy with real pleasure.

This was originally a very simple fortune cookie program, created for Unix in the prehistoric times of ferrite cores, by rapier wits from New Jersey. Invoke the program and a cookie or two or three would come out at the command line at you.

These cookies were originally serious, one might say 'authentic' fortune cookies. 'You will acquire great wealth.' And the like. But with the dry sharp wits of the Bell Labs software engineers, that could not last long. Soon the program was packed with the most terrible puns and other types of one-line humour.

The original file has since grown in many directions. The current copy comes by way of Scandinavia, with a generous boost from associates in the United States. This version also contains many a memorable (and famous) quotation.

The package comes with an impressive 1,800 fortunes and instructions on how you can add your own.

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