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Internet GP.

Hawkeye, an Internet latency gauge, polls key backbone MAE and NAP servers. It's been crucial in proving Internet downtime for Wall Street investors receiving margin calls.

Hawkeye differs from other such tools in that it measures the connectivity from your computer, not some remote server on the net.

Polls are sent in ping bursts. The lower the packet loss and latency recorded, the better.

You set the interval and the response timeout; at every interval Hawkeye sends out a new burst, and waits for the duration of your timeout before reporting the packet lost.

Hawkeye reports are exported in text format, with your start and stop times, your interval and timeout, the number of bursts, and packet loss and latency for each server.

Which servers you want to poll is up to you: Hawkeye's default 'EYE' files should get you started, and Spike can help you find servers important in your corner of the world. Hawkeye files can be loaded, edited, saved, and run interchangeably.

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