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All your Apple are belong to us.

'For the rectification of the Vuldronaii, we come as a Torb! The Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a Sloar that day, we can tell you!'

And here it is. Yup, that's Keymaster.

That's the 'sophisticate' version. Perfect for sophisticates. Nice and tidy. Keep it out of the way. A conversation object. No Blinkenlights. Very discreet.


All your Gatekeeper are belong to us

Here's another view, when you open it up a bit.

No, you're not going to target that many paths. Of course not. Don't be silly. But the graphic gives you an idea of what the app looks like.

There are toolbar buttons for 'Go', 'Stop', and system information.

Keymaster is document-based, meaning you can create and edit as many Keymaster files as you want. Then pick out one or two at random and run them. Or combine them to make one file. Then collapse the Keymaster window and you're a sophisticate.

Keymaster is all you need with 10.14 Mugabe, 10.15 Katanya, 11.0 Big Sir, 12.0 Tender Loins, and beyond.

Pictured immediately above is Keymaster activated and running to protect two directories: ~/Desktop for your screenshots, and ~/Downloads for your downloads.

Sensible choice. Sophisticated even.

For files deposited there are namely laden with Apple.

Not that you'll ordinarily see any of that of course. Oh no. Apple will keep you in the dark on that one. But it's still there, you betcha.

We gave you CLIX. For free. Remember? You needed education, we gave it to you. Trust us on this one. They're pulling a big scam over there at Apple. On you.

They sell you overpriced hardware with the cute logo and overcharge by at least 30%. They're trying to make all 'independent' software vendors dependent on them and turn over 30% of their revenues to them, which means you end up paying 30% too much.

Trust us on this one. 10% would have been fine. That's the industry standard. Apple's 30% is criminal. The software vendors don't pay - you pay.

History won't be kind to Tim Cook. Neither computer history or history in general. No company, public or otherwise, has so desecrated something so universally lauded and appreciated as Tim Cook's Apple did with Unix and NeXTSTEP. No other Unix platform makes such a mess of things. No other Unix platform attempts to constrict developers and users like Apple. Paul Graham hasn't condemned other Unix platforms. Only Apple.

All your Apple are belong to us

No more Apple malware on your files. Your computer is once again your computer.

As it should be.

Be a sophisticate. Get Keymaster now.

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