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This is how.

This is it - this is how you'll be organising your files in the years to come.

macTag is Rixstep's tag editor - it edits tags on files of most any sort - regular files, directories, and so forth.

macTag's been a long time coming. Just the conceptualisation took nearly two years. But the need is there and growing by the day. The world's been creeping closer all along, but no one's given enough thought to what it all means.

We have too many files. And, desperate to store them in a way so we can find them later, we're relegated to 1) file names of an unwieldy and inordinate MAX_PATH length; 2) folders and subfolders and subfolders to subfolders; or 3) colours.


At least as important as being able to 'tag' files is the consummate ease to use those tags to find them.

macTag is easy, macTag is fast, macTag organises things so you find them.

Try it.

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