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Mode calculator.

MC addresses a common difficulty in system administration. The difficulty isn't in dealing in octal file permissions - it's in remembering octal values for file types and octal and hexadecimal values for system and user flags.

Click around, type in mode and flag values. The tick boxes automatically flip and the text fields automatically adjust and mask to what's defined by the system.

Use ⌘C to copy the result values to the clipboard.

Mode Octal: 017777
Flags Octal: 00007700377
Flags Hexadecimal: 001F80FF

File Type: Pipe/FIFO

Sticky Bit, Set GID, Set UID

User Access: Read, Write, Execute
Group Access: Read, Write, Execute
Other Access: Read, Write, Execute

User Flags: No Dump, Immutable, Append, Opaque, No Unlink, Compressed, Tracked, Data Vault, Hidden

System Flags: Archived, Immutable, Append, Restricted, No Unlink

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