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PlistTool is, as its name implies, a property list tool. It opens and reformats property lists.

There are three property list formats currently in use.

  1. The old OpenStep standard.
  2. The more modern OS X XML standard.
  3. An alternative binary standard for OS X.

Property lists of the above three types can be reformatted to either XML or binary. Reformatting according to the old OpenStep standard is not available.

Starting with OS X 10.4 Tiger the default storage format for property list files is the OS binary standard, making it difficult to oversee and edit the files with an ordinary text editor.

Open any property list, XML, or strings file in PlistTool. It will display in its default format. Check the menu under Format to see what that format is. Select another format to change the file format - without yet committing those changes to disk.

Save changes as you would any ordinary file, or save changes and open the file for editing. The default editors are Rixedit for the two text formats and HexFiend for the binary format.

It's possible to reassign file relationships so that PlistTool opens property list files by default.

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