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Toggle the booleans.

Rixtime is an extremely sophisticated but totally useless Cocoa application. It displays your system uptime in an absolute value and in nanoseconds.

The absolute value is processor dependent; it is displayed at the top. Nanoseconds, as everyone knows, are a cosmic constant; they're displayed at the bottom.

Both values are displayed with the binary radix, meaning there are only two digits, ones and zeros.

In both cases the combined number of ones and zeros will always be sixty four. (In both cases the proportions of ones to zeros will of course vary.)

Preliminary studies indicate people walk away from a session of staring at a Rixtime window with a profound sense of well-being.

Brighten it Up

Bored staring at the same colour all the time? Interact! Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle (and cycle backwards) through the possibilities.

The Need for Speed

The up and down arrow keys speed up and slow down the display rate respectively.

The slowest you can go between display refreshes is the default: one million μs. The fastest you can go is zero μs. (That's not milliseconds, Alice - that's microseconds. One millionth of a second - it's a very wee slice of time.)

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