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Toggle the booleans.

Rixtime is a somewhat sophisticated but mostly useless application designed and created in the spirit of the great Toggle Booleans, displaying your system time, a 64-bit integer, in the binary radix.

System time is calculated in a great many ways.

Rixtime values are displayed in the binary radix, meaning there are only two digits: 0 and 1.

The combined number of ones and zeros will always be sixty four. (The ratio of 1s to 0s will of course vary.)

Preliminary peer-reviewed studies indicate people walk away from a session of Rixtime with a profound and deep sense of wellbeing and cosmic relief.

Brighten it Up

Bored staring at the same colour all the time? Interact! Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle forwards and backwards through the possibilities.

Rixtime uses nine (9) colours system-defined for use in both Light Mode and Dark Mode.

Finding Time

Time values can be accessed in many ways. The system can use clock_gettime_nsec_np() which is, as its name implies, a non-portable function. clock_gettime_nsec_np() can use a number of different function arguments.


The system can also use kernel functions such as mach_absolute_time() and mach_continuous_time().

The above functions, in their alphabetic order, are accessible through RxDefaults where the default is set to mach_continuous_time() (9).


Note that this value is input-only and cannot be determined within the application.

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