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SPX Nighttime

Take a weekend.

The same technology that goes into SPX goes in here: the rugged SPX 35-step Gutmann shredding engine, now protecting your complete file system.

  SPX Nighttime force-flushing shredded data to disk. Over and over again. Things get intense.

If you're in a hurry, you can always opt for a 'quick clean', but for those who can only settle for the best, click for the 'Weekend' option. It may take longer, but nothing can protect you more. The SPX shredding engine was the first available for OS X and it's still, by far, the fastest and the best.*

*'Weekend' is 'relative' - an SPX 35-step Gutmann shred is going to take longer. Users report speeds of in excess of 20 GB/hour, meaning it still can be finished in a single 'nighttime'. Remember: it's only disk and file slack shredded. But try and see yourself.

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