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Power commands.

Sometimes the command line is more than enough. Sometimes it's better. The ACP contains a number of additional applications - tools - used within Terminal.app or CLIX.


Dumps AppleDouble files. Named after the RFC on which they're based.


Command line variant of ArchInfo.

beepA makeshift two cluster tool that does one thing only: it beeps (with your default beep sound).
bundleShows NSBundle info.
cachezapRemoves caches in the new temporary directory hive.
candsCommand line variant of CandS. Cleans and seals command-line arguments. (Directories not sealed.)
catinfoProvides rudimentary 'HFS' information on file items (in raw HFS format).
chexChanges file extensions (in batch).
classShows runtime info for the specified registered Objective-C classes.
clearffClears Finder flags on files.
cocoastringsDumps Cocoa global strings differing from their identifiers.
cxfsFormats man output for use in CLIX.
dirdumpDumps directory raw data to file. (Read the file with 'hexdump -Cv' or Xstrings.)
dupDuplicates files and directories.
encodingsDisplays all available NeXTSTEP string encodings in hexadecimal format together with their localised names. Works seamlessly with CLIX.
forksA common misconception is that HFS files may have only two forks. For any given path - file or directory - forks enumerates all the forks, showing the names of the forks, their sizes, and their so-called 'physical sizes' (HFS records including file slack).
forkswhoRuns 'unfork' and 'file' to analyse fork contents.
gdeCompares alternative directory reading methods to find cloaked items on your hard drive.
mach-o-readerDumps Mach-O executable header information.
make_servicesRegenerates the Services menu much the same way its NeXTSTEP forerunner did. Without this tool, you have to log out and in again or reboot your computer to see changes take effect. Works seamlessly with CLIX.
mdCreates a message digest for a given file in DSS, DSS1, MD2, MD5, MDC2, RIPEMD-160, SHA, or SHA-1.
nsaliasDumps raw '_NSAlias' information found in preferences files.
runCommand line version of Runner.
rxdPrints mount info for a given path or by default the CWD: mount point, mount source, file system type, block size, total number of blocks, number of free blocks, number of available blocks, file system flags, I/O size, total number of inodes, number of free inodes, file system owner, and file system ID. Works seamlessly with CLIX.
s3Does the same job as S3 but from the command line. Supply the link text and the anchor tag and it gives you back your obfuscated tag and link.
spxThe 39-step SPX Gutmann shredding engine. Give it a list of files to make sure they're never seen again or recovered by anybody. Works seamlessly with CLIX.
sudokillRun as a background process, ensures your 'sudo' authentication is killed as soon as your computer goes to sleep.
sudokill2Works as sudokill above but goes hunting for all open Terminal windows and kills their 'sudo' authentication as well. Applicable when grace periods are recoupled to individual TTYs.
swapCommand line version of Swap. HFS systems only - uses CNID 15.
tiffcompressCommand line version of TIFFCompress. Compresses TIFF images with a non-lossy algorithm - leaner than Preview can do.
tmiCommand line version of TMI. Too Much Information - side by side comparison of NeXTSTEP and Unix file statistics with ordinary file system intrinsics spelled out in plain language.
trashTrashes files and directories from the command line, serialising their names as they're moved.
treeDumps a file hierarchy in tree format. Works seamlessly with CLIX.
unforkWrites the data and resource forks of HFS+ files to new files with the 'data' and 'rsrc' extensions. Resource forks are a nice invention but also an increasing security concern. If you're unsure about a file and its benign intentions, 'unfork' it and see what your shell says after that.
unilipoConvenience script to trim universal binaries.
volinfoDumps HFS volume info for a path or the CWD if no path is given.
xabatchSystem administratin tool to add, delete, modify file extended attributes in batch.
xattrCommand line variant of Xattr.
xyzzyTry it and see what happens.
zapTruncates files to zero length.

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