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You're all set.

HTML Version 4.0 admits of 242 special 'named' characters within the 'Universal Character Set' or UCS.

These characters and these characters alone are guaranteed to render on any browser on any platform, but they can be hard to reach. They most likely won't be on your keyboard, and memorising 242 escape codes is not what you want to do at the beach this weekend.

Still, you need the codes to achieve proper HTML rendering on all platforms. What to do?

UCS the program simplifies all this. UCS the program lists all 242 special characters, together with their HTML escape codes, a brief description, and the decimal and hexadecimal values. Double-click any character and it's in your HTML document. Drag it there and put it where you want. It's that easy.

Inline Conversion

If you have an entire document you need converted to HTML 4.0, just use the ACP Text Services. They also convert selected text to camel case, capitals, lower case, upper case, resolve command line paths, strip HTML tags, standardise quotes, tidy up reply quotes, undo escapes, and clean redundant white space.


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