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No more Oompas.

Extended attributes, ACLs: how do you see them? How do you get at them? How much is hidden beyond your view on what you think are your own innocent files? This all shows up in the Xfile System but what can you do to control it?

Do you remember how Oompa Loompa crept in? The people at MR sure do. What can you do about it? Up to now not much - but thanks to Xattr that's all changed.

You now can get at all the 'extended attributes' attached to any item in your file system, import and export data to and from them, and remove them completely.

You can also work with Xscan to filter out and remove all extended attributes in your own personal files. First launch Xscan and set it to scour your home area for extended attributes; then drop the results on the Xattr icon. Inspect the attributes Xattr shows you and close the files whose attributes you want to preserve; then invoke Xattr's 'Remove All Attributes' - and they're gone. It's magic.

It Goes Both Ways

And if you can remove XAs en masse you might as well be able to apply them.

No More Oompas!

No more Oompas - starting now you control everything in your file system. Starting now you're fully protected.


Lately there have been claims, by those joining the 'party' first in 2018, that they're 'first' with an XA utility for macOS. Gosh. Both the Rixstep command-line tool xattr and this Cocoa Xattr app have been around for FOURTEEN YEARS.

People should do the research before sounding their trumpets.

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