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  • Runs super-fast on the Unix API
  • Nothing's hidden - absolutely nothing
  • Nothing's off limits unless privileges don't allow

  • Drill down into bundles effortlessly
  • Does not allow overwriting folders with files
  • Seamless integration with all file systems - not just APFS/HFS

  • Open a Terminal window anywhere, at any path, with a single click
  • Full 'stat' information available for all objects: icon, path, device, inode, mode, links, owner, group, device type, size, blocks, optimal block size, file flags, file generation #, time created, last accessed, last modified, status changed
  • Owner, group, mode, set uid, set gid, sticky bit, and user defined flags directly editable

  • Creation of hard and symbolic links
  • ACL and extended attribute alerts - see what's lurking on your system at a glance
  • Open any document at any location with any application or launch any application anywhere

  • Screaming fast on all versions of OS X
  • Executable under 50 KB [sic] - 'one bounce launches'
  • Does not drop '.DS_Store' or other 'junk files' anywhere on your disk
  • Rugged, extensively tested, fully compliant Cocoa document-based application

Xfile System
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