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A place to put things.

Collections. And collections of collections. And each collection a file manager.

'I'm just beginning to get my head into this program. I made a shelf file of every single app package on a 10.4.6 system. Many more than I thought would show up actually did. Apps within apps. Then another shelf file to index all of my shelf files. Then I had to lay down and ponder the possibilities. It's good to be an ACP user.'

'A 12 dimensional Rubik's cube of possibilities.'

They're not shortcuts, not symlinks, they're absolutely not aliases; call them 'references' if you need a name. They go in Xshelf. Xshelf is a place to put things. For any reason you want. And you can do anything with them you can do with the real files they represent - each and every Xshelf window is a full fledged file manager in its own right.

You can save dedicated lists to disk for later use. You can assemble temporary lists to aid you in file management.

You can open any listed item with any application. You can double click them to open them with your default editor. You can change attributes and ownership.

You can drop them on Xfile, Xfind, Xscan, GDE, Tracker, CatInfo, CRLF, FileInfo, Forker, MD, Rixcomp, Rixedit, Rixicons, Rixmode, Rixstamp, SPX, Swap, TIFFCompress, TMI, Tracker, Xattr, Xattrib, Undercover, Xstamp, Xstrings, Zippit, or just about any ACP or other application. You can drop them on a new Xshelf window. You can drag and drop and copy and paste between Xshelf files. You can do anything you want with them.

You can make shelves of shelves. You can even make a shelf the sole contents of which is the shelf itself.

'A 12 dimensional Rubik's cube of possibilities.'

Secrets Everybody Knows

Xshelf can be configured to suit your way of working. You can have Xshelf windows float above all other windows, have them autohide, and toggle their appearance on your menu bar's status area.

All those things littered about your file system and up to now no way to organise them.

Starting now that's over. Starting now you can put them on Xshelf - it's a place to put things.

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