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Cleaning Begins at Home

An illustrated narrative.

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Five minutes work and this sucker is down from over 6 MB to under 2 MB. Most of the work should have been done when the app was packaged.

What is 'SmartDelete'? How does it work?


Why would anyone need to list apps, plugins, or widgets when all they have to do is go to the respective directories and look for themselves?

The sucker had a daemon to install. Would have reared its head if 'SmartDelete' had been enabled. 'SmartDelete detects when apps are trashed and will automatically find and offer to remove related files.' Clever - but no thanks. Especially when the app offers no documentation for a feature that's going to ask for your admin password.

The app's free. That's a great thing. But documentation's needed to convince; attention to detail's needed to impress.

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