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Krzysztof Szymanski

Let's take five features at random from this program.

  1. Enable or disable journaling on selected disk.
  2. Force empty trash from selected disk.
  3. Delete locked or inaccessible items.
  4. Remove invisible 'DS_Store' files.
  5. Create symbolic links.

It is true that computers are supposed to take the drudgery out of our lives, perform the tedium so we don't have to; but computers are also supposed to do what they're good at, what we're not particularly good at.

Putting computers together to help SETI is a perfect example of a perfect example of computer use. Breaking high-level RSA encryption is another. Financial computations are another.

Programs can be conveniences for us, just as function libraries are conveniences for the programmer.

The one thing computers must never do is hold us hostage. And that is the one thing software must never do either.

Back to the cocktail list.

  1. sudo diskutil [disableJournal|enableJournal] /
  2. sudo rm -f ~/.Trash/*
  3. sudo rm -f[r] <you name it>
  4. sudo find / -name \.DS_Store -exec rm -f {} \;
  5. ln -s <source> <target>

Don't try to sell a man a fish - or insult his intelligence. Teach him how to fish instead. If you have to sell him something, sell him a fishing pole.

Postscript: Cocktail Shaker

Click this link to read about the security alert from SecurityFocus.

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