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Cocktail[JPT]E: Acknowledgements

These reviews of CocktailTE ('Tiger Edition'), CocktailPE ('Panther Edition'), and CocktailJE ('Jaguar Edition') would not have been begun - much less completed - without the support and assistance of many people.

These are people who feel they were duped into thinking they were getting something they didn't already have and who intimated (but did not know) that there was shoddy software engineering at the bottom of it all.

Naturally these people remain anonymous: the author of Cocktail is known to be a vengeful creature, and they simply do not want any trouble - only that the truth be told.

Note to current Cocktail users

Cocktail leaves remnants on your hard drive when you uninstall it. Cocktail users have complained about this and been stomped on by the author of Cocktail. They've been called all sorts of insulting names - all in an effort to obfuscate what is really going on. Don't be fooled.

Suffice it to say that if you ever make the mistake of running Cocktail, you might never be able to run it again. Cocktail, as you may remember, has your password and can therefore hide anything it wants anywhere on your disk it wants.

Caveat emptor. Watch what you drink.

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