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FileBuddy 8

SkyTag Software

This is a great app - there's only one problem: the application domain applies to MacOS - not OS X.

True, if you're working through the Finder, then this stuff will limit you - unnaturally - even today. But what OS X geek feels limited by that?

The administrator mode seems interesting, but running any GUI app as root - even for a second - is wrought with danger: that second could be just the second a lurking trojan was waiting for. Run a GUI app as root and someone you don't know might now 0\/\/n your disk.

SkyTag software of Chapel Hill North Carolina came out with FileBuddy eleven years ago. (The website says ten years ago, but the website is out of date.) That's from back when MacOS was still MacOS - and not the NeXTSTEP-fed Unix it is today.

If you're still running MacOS and not OS X, and if we for a moment sidestep the obvious question 'why', then this utility might be something for you. The current price of $35 is $15 down from the previous price, so this might be the time to get it.

But if you're running OS X, then all this stuff is more or less irrelevant, and the author Laurence Harris would do better to create a real Unix file system browser.

Which is more or less what this site has done in Xfile. But the more the merrier.

Welcome to OS X - welcome to Unix.

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