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The Good

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0
Honey for the money.

AppKiDo 0.889
This is class. Or was.

Camino 0.7
The best (open source) browser for the Mac?

Camino 0.8
A few things our Teletubbie friends will have to fix.

Cocoa Browser
It comes with the GPL.

Cocoa Programming
Were all books, all products, all things in life as honest as this.

One day bad, another day good.

Essential Software
Not all 3rd party products are bad. Some are well written - and indispensable.

Firefox 1.0.7

Firefox 1.5

Firefox 3.0.1 3.0.2 3.0.3
Double ditto.

HexEdit 2.00
A sweet piece of work.

Some things have to be good because they're just plain fun.


Pacifist in reverse.

The wealth of Unix.

Misu 1.0.2
A welcome treat.

Killer app.

NetShred X 3.17.0
Clean up after 14 web apps.

Picturesque 1.0.1
Fast image enhancement.

Quicksilver B5X
Total makeover underway.

Safari 73, 74, 75
Best of breed?

Safari 3.1.2
Best of breed?

Scratch 1.4
Great educational tool for the iPad.

Spotify 0.3.9
Everyone loves music.

Stone Studio
Nice guys don't always finish last.

SubEthaEdit (Hydra)
Concurrent Rendevous-enabled editing.

Tiger Tamer
At long last.

Give a damn.

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