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iBush 2.4


Some things have to be good because they're just plain fun.

There's collateral damage connected with this one, but not the kind you might be used to: there's a serious risk your sides could split from too much laughing.

iBush 2.4 is 'an artificially intelligent Oval Office Occupant simulator' that takes real 'Bushisms' and mixes them together into really hilarious concoctions.

freeLunch.apps have Marxist leanings and a lot of the menu items on iBush lead to sites in this category, but you don't have to fret too much about that if Marx isn't your cuppa. (And you could always just remove them but why even bother?)

This app is a clean 140 KB download, a mountable DMG, and is in pretty good shape. It uses an AppleScript to do its dirty - create the mumbo-jumbo.

The way the app is set up you basically get to ask iBush a question about anything - and if your query doesn't fall into one of the predefined categories, you can make up your own. Something like the Oracle at Delphi. The words of wisdom will spout forth and bring clarity to your life, sunny blue clear skies to your neighborhood, and a hot water bottle to your bed.

iBush is a 'must have'. It's been harassed by Joel Mueller, but by now everyone knows what kind of person he is; it's always available at Version Tracker, because, simply put, they're better (and saner) people; and it's available here by clicking the link below.


iBush on the Web

An HTML version of iBush is also available. It's just as much fun!

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