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KillTheRipper 1.0

Dr Kleanor
Rating: (four burnt toasts)

KillTheRipper from 'Dr Kleanor' [sic] is based on use of MacTheRipper (and even borrows its icon pictured here).

It's but a 59.1 KB download and it's free - but what does it do?

As it turns out, MacTheRipper (via libdvdcss) creates a directory in your home directory. The directory contains a lot of stuff, including the encryption keys for the DVDs you've ripped. Some people, perhaps worried their nefarious activities will be exposed, want this directory gone. And thus the 'script' from 'Dr Kleanor'.

Which is all beside the point: ten seconds typing with Terminal.app will do the job for you cleanly and effortlessly. All you have to do is not panic when your drool bib is removed and you're told you've finally grown up.

All that is needed is:

  1. Drop to a Terminal window.
  2. rm -fr ~/.dvdcss

That's it. It's gone.

What we have instead is a 59.1 KB download that expands into a Carbonised application that contains an AppleScript that contains the above command line and no more.

It's your choice, Sir Clickalot: how much of a drooler do you want people to think you are?

You can't hide behind your pompous 'user friendly' on this one: either you can type and follow simple instructions or you're a moron and it's open season to laugh at you.

The makers of MacTheRipper also point out that the KillTheRipper script is not too good and can at times completely corrupt your hard drive data - an amazing feat considering how simple the command line is. But then again, considering a moron somewhere actually thought this can be a useful time-saver, probably not so amazing at all.

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