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MarsEdit 2.1

Daniel Jalkut
Rating: (four burnt toasts — and that's generous)

Daniel Jalkut (aka danielpunkass)
[Describes himself as a 'Mac Developer Dude']
Somerville, MA

Collateral damage:
Inordinate dry cleaning bills for clothes soaked and sticky wet with Kool-Aid™

What did he do at Apple? Either he was a custodian or he's typical of the median caliber of programmers there - either seems reasonable but in either case you the consumer still lose.

Punkass has made progress since last time around but for some the learning process is long and arduous indeed. And for this developer the gradient on the climb must seem unbearable.

Punkass got rid of the 450 KB of shite in his DMG .Trashes. But you can almost see him begrudgingly do things like this in the customers' interests. 'Do I really have to? I wanna TWITTER! Do I do I do I?'

Yes you do, Punkass.

This so called 'release' cleans up a few more things but it's a halfhearted (and extremely unprofessional) effort at best. The 'Headers' directories have now been cleaned out but Punkass ostensibly lacks the cerebral wherewithal to remove the empty directories themselves. Perhaps he's one of these Finder morons who really believes directories take no space on disk.

His TIFFs are still an act of customer abuse. Punkass must be doing Buzz Andersen.

31 items, 660172 bytes, 1456 blocks, 0 bytes in extended attributes.

And after a five second sweep and clean you the user get back over 600 KB of your precious disk free space. Which you should get from the beginning. Except Punkass is either too dumb or too lazy or both.

31 items, 52552 bytes, 272 blocks, 0 bytes in extended attributes.

[You can still get this disk space if you'd made the mistake of choosing this application: just open each image in Preview for Tiger or better and choose to save with LZW compression. You might not get as good as the above but you'll get a lot better than Punkass who can't even be bothered trying.]

And just when you start to believe in progress again you notice the moron packaged his own Spotlight index related crap in your DMG. One step forward, two steps back.

$ pwd
$ ls -ailo
total 40
 66 drwx------    7 punkass  punkass  -  238 Jan 31 05:29 .
  2 drwx------   12 punkass  punkass  -  510 Jan 31 05:29 ..
 69 -rw-------    1 punkass  punkass  -  182 Jan 31 03:44 0000000000a62faf
 71 -rw-------    1 punkass  punkass  -  182 Jan 31 03:47 0000000000a63235
 73 -rw-------    1 punkass  punkass  -  172 Jan 31 03:48 0000000000a63651
445 -rw-------    1 punkass  punkass  - 1050 Jan 31 05:29 0000000000a6432b
 67 -rw-------    1 punkass  punkass  -   36 Jan 31 05:29 fseventsd-uuid

As for the rest of this app: no sense even looking until Punkass learns how to properly package it. Which at this pace might take forever. Some people pick this up right away; for others it's small steps. Don't hold your breath.

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