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MarsEdit 3.0

Daniel Jalkut
Rating: (four burnt toasts - and that's generous)

Daniel Jalkut (aka danielpunkass)
[Describes himself as a 'Mac Developer Dude']
Somerville, MA

Collateral damage:
30 minutes spent cleaning what author should clean himself

New icon. Lots of new features. Gruber uses it to link to the product page. We all stand together.

Did Gruber check what he got before he tossed rose petals all over it? Would he know how?

Would he have then known that a full 1/3 of the disk bulk is pure junk?

It's doubtful. So herewith the instructions for downloading and installing MarsEdit 3.0.

  1. Download the zip file. Find the URL yourself. This is already wasting too much time.
  2. Expand the zip to a neutral location. So you know what you get and what's not new. You can test run it from here. (So save the zip for now.)
  3. Remove all the designable.nib files. They take 31 MB on your HDD and do absolutely nothing save hint at something being wrong with the software author. How you do it is up to you, Bubba. Write to Jalkut and ask him. What's remarkable here (and puts Jalkut in a class of his own) is that Apple have taken the high ground today to automatically remove junk files like this on project builds. So you have to be extraordinarily untalented (and lame) to get past their checkpoints.
  4. Compress the 28 TIFF files. They take 716 KB as is but need only 124 KB. Write to Jalkut and ask him to 're-save' the images again with Preview and using LZH compression.
  5. Remove the 4 PrivateHeaders directories and symlinks. They're all empty.
  6. Remove the 20 Headers directories and symlinks. They're all empty.
  7. Trim the Relaunch binary. Clever DJ provides i386 only but has three architectures in this file.
  8. There are two empty English.lproj directories with unused template InfoPlist.strings files with the following contents. Remove all four items. Contents: '/* Localized versions of Info.plist keys */'.
  9. There are at least 18 files with incorrect file permissions. Find them and fix them.

Congratulations. You just cleaned 4.04 MB (~35%) of junk out of the application. Junk that was just junk and no more.

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