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The Very Ugly

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AppleOff 1.2
Leave the driving to us.

AppZapper 1.8.0
A fairy tale?

AutoScrubber/SuperScrubber 1.5
Trust them and the bad guys will 0WN you.

BatChmod 1.37
To entertain staff your call was monitored.

BBEdit/BBEdit Lite
Yes it does suck. Does it ever.

Building Cocoa Applications:
A Step-by-Step Guide

What a wonderful way to waste 620 prettily printed pages.

Change Finder 0.3
Now that's the Mac way!

Change Finder 0.4
You're a star.

Clean Caches 1.3
Every letter in the alphabet.

Don't try to sell a man a fish.

Arsenic & Other Laces.

DriveGauge 3.2
It's déjà vu all over again.

DS_Store Cleaner 1.1.0/1.5.0
Something eminently obvious got very, very wrong - and very, very bloated. And now it's getting worse.

eyeHide 2.0
That good old 'bait and switch'.

FileXaminer 2.54
Nothing shall be impossible.

Finder 10.5.6
Is it or is it not a digitalised version of Alfred E Neuman?

Finder 10.6.1
Nope, it's no better.

Ghost Folder 2.0
At least they chose a good name for the company.

Hidden Files Widget 2.0
He's going places.

Homeland Alert 3.6
Lest we forget.

Interarchy 6.0.1
A journey through darkness.

IP 4.4/5.5
Let's hear it for free enterprise.

The evolution of Mac software.

An amazing feat.

It's your choice, Sir Clickalot.

MacScan 2.2
Software you can trust.


Mailsmith (2.1.5)
Two to three hours. Nearly nine years. 'Progress'.

MarsEdit 2.0.4
'Apple quality'.

MarsEdit 2.1
Some people learn quickly and eagerly; for others it's begrudgingly and painfully small steps. So don't hold your breath.

MarsEdit 3.0
Download/install instructions for MarsEdit 3.0.

NameFind 2.0
Find files not so fast.

Net News Wire 3.1
The new Microsoft Word.

Clobbers it.

OmniWeb 5.1.3 beta 1
Where's the joke?

OmniWeb 5.9.2 (free)
Who cares? Seriously - who cares?

OnyX 1.4.1
Too rich for words.

OnyX 1.7.9b2
Some things are good for you.

PodWorks 2.8.5/2.9
What's ten minutes in four years?

An evolving framework for accessing and manipulating many forms of personal data.

Safari Enhancer 2.5.4
The world record holder in .DS_Store (amongst other things).

Scroll Switcher 1.0.2
Quite possibly the dumbest application ever written.

Secret Folder 2.6.4
Security through obscurity?

The evolution of software. Welcome to the feast.

Silverlight 5.0.61118.0
What is worse than Adobe Flash? That's not a trick question.

Super Get Info
Maybe you should buy it.

System Optimizer 4.5
US$12 buys a month's supply of drool bibs anywhere.

TextWrangler 1.0
Oh give it up!

Undercover 0.1
What thief could possibly resist?

Undercover 2.5
Some people never give up. Some people only make things worse.

Wallsaver 1.3.6
Be a part of history.

xBack 3.3
Your child's life is at stake.

Xommand Line Xindergarten; Pogueman 101.

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