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Xupport 2

Laurent Muller

The 'Swiss Army Knife' for Mac OS X!
Take over control with XUPPORT - Swiss Made!
The order will be proceeded via eSallerate. [sic]

Not to knock a colleague trying to make a buck, but what exactly is for sale here?

  • Activate hidden Finder, Dock and Exposé settings defaults
  • Browse and read unix manual entries (man) Terminal
  • Browser, delete and get Finder info for invisible files and folders invisible to whom?
  • Run Mac OS X maintain scripts and optimizations cron daily weekly monthly
  • Change swap file location (virtual memory) swapdir= (/etc/rc)
  • Configure ipfw firewall using all options SystemConfiguration.xml
  • Enable ipfw.log as default firewall log see above
  • Empty Trashes with administrator privileges sudo rm -fr ~/Trash/*
  • Find and delete all '.DS_Store' files sudo find / -name \.DS_Store -exec rm -f {} \;
  • Find and delete old log files and their backups find <path> -name *\.log -exec rm -f {} \;
  • Enable guest access and access log of Personal File Sharing DIY - read Pogue
  • Change access port of Personal File Sharing, Web Sharing, ssh DIY - read Pogue
  • Clear Launch Service caches ('Rebuild Desktop' in OS 9) 100 byte script
  • Enable/Disable disk journaling sudo diskutil [dis|en]ableJournal /

Those are big windows with a meticulous layout, and things have really improved - but not to be impertinent to a colleague, but why write this program?

What isn't kommand line kindergarten is at most Pogueman 101.

Computers are supposed to help us with impossible tasks. This does not include having to click a mouse button twice instead of once. And computers are supposed to serve us, not fool us. If every program on every computer was doing stuff like Xupport, there would be no CPU time left over for the things that matter.

Xupport xucks.

Rixstep will now adjourn the review proxess to xomplete a new applixation.

It will launxh Terminal from a xommand line.

Xiller app.

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